How to prepare for your turf

1.       Clear site of all weeds and existing lawn varieties

• It is important no existing weeds or lawn is present, otherwise you risk it       contaminating your new lawn.


• Spray the area with Roundup (or equivalent) at least 2 weeks before you lay   your turf.


2.       Prepare soil

• It is recommended to rotary hoe or dig the soil to a depth of 100mm, deeper    if you can. This will allow a soft and accessible medium for the roots to     establish.


• Then level the area with a rake or shovel. 


3.       Fertilise


• Before laying your turf apply a starter fertiliser or a layer of chicken manure    pellets. Give the soil a light water to provide a moist base for your turf.


4.       Lay your turf


• Finally – lay your new lawn, or talk to us about laying it for you. It is critical to    get water on your lawn straight away, especially during the hot months.