At Clarence Valley Turf we grow only the best varieties to suit the local conditions. 

Our Aussie Green Buffalo is a blend of buffalo specifically grown for the Clarence Valley region. It is perfect for any conditions, can grow in the shade and is low maintenance. It can also handle dryer conditions making it perfect for those
hot summers.


- Great in full shade and

   sunny areas
 - Resistant to insects and weeds
 - Low water requirements
 - Wear resistant
 - 10-year product warranty

- Soft to touch

- Self repairing 

- Low allergy

- Dark green fine leaf blade

- Weed and insect repellent

- Very high drought tolerance

- Great for full sun areas

- 10-year product warranty

- High shade tolerance 

- Self repairing

 - Excellent wear and

   repair attributes

 - Loves sunny conditions

 - Drought tolerant and easy

   to establish

 - Friendly soft leaf

- Fine leaf blade

- High shade tolerance

- Needs 50% less mowing than

  other common turf varieties

- Great for full sun

- High wear-tolerance

- Weed and insect repellent

 - Excellent wear turf, can
   repair quickly

 - Requires regular mowing

 - Soft leaf

 - Minimal lawn care required

 - Loves sunny areas

 - Does not tolerate frosts well
 - Good for ground cover

 - Ideal for schools
   and sportsgrounds