At Clarence Valley Turf we grow only the best varieties to suit the local conditions.


Our Aussie Green Buffalo is a blend of buffalo specifically grown for the Clarence Valley region. It is perfect for any conditions, can grow in the shade and is low maintenance. It can also handle dryer conditions making it perfect for those hot summers.



Aussie Green Buffalo

- Great in shady and sunny areas


 - Slow growing and low maintenance


 - Lush green all year round


 - Deep rooted so can handle dryer conditions


 - Excellent in high traffic areas


 - Climatized to Coffs Coast area

Winter Green Couch

 - Excellent wear and repair attributes


 - Loves sunny conditions


 - Drought tolerant and easy to establish


 - Friendly soft leaf


 - Excellent wear turf, can repair quickly


 - Requires regular mowing


 - Soft leaf


 - Minimal lawn care required


 - Loves sunny areas


 - Does not tolerate frosts well

 - Good for ground cover


 - Ideal for schools and sportsgrounds

Our Turf Varieties: