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Clarence Valley Turf is a locally based grower and supplier of premium lawn and turf varieties. We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality turf and service to our customers, and can cater to any job, big or small. 

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About Us

Locally owned and operated, we grow and supply top quality turf to the Clarence Valley and surrounding areas. We are passionate about growing  and supplying the highest quality turf and are recognised throughout the area as the leaders for all types of turf. 


We also offer services including Sports Field Maintenance. We offer a full service from planting a whole sports field, to regular maintenance such as fertilising, weed control and also regular aeration as well. In addition we can assist with planning and installation of Irrigation Systems.


With our farm based near Grafton we fully service the North Coast of NSW, from Byron Bay and surrounds in the North to Nambucca Heads in the South and in between . With a fully enclosed delivery Truck with forklift we offer a professional and prompt delivery service direct to delivery location for turf.

At Clarence Valley Turf we grow only the best varieties to suit the local conditions. We supply turf varieties for all conditions. Each is of highest quality and delivered weed free. 


From our Nullarbor couch through our Buffalo range right through to the water saving TifTuf to the premium Sir Grange each turf has its own characteristics that will suit each location and needs.


Our Range

  • Fine leaf blade

  • High shade tolerance

  • Needs 50% less mowing than other common turf varieties

  • Great for full sun

  • High wear-tolerance

  • Weed and insect repellent

  • Dark green fine leaf blade

  • Weed and insect repellent

  • Very high drought tolerance

  • Great for full sun areas

  • 10-year product warranty

  • High shade tolerance 

  • Self repairing

  • Great in full shade & sunny areas

  • Resistant to insects and weeds

  • Low water requirements

  • Wear resistant

  • 10-year product warranty

  • Soft to touch

  • Self repairing 

  • Low allergy

  • Excellent wear and repair attributes

  • Loves sunny conditions

  • Drought tolerant and easy to establish

  • Friendly soft leaf

Sir Grange is a premium turf variety, which produces beautiful results for minimum maintenance. Sir Grange has high shade tolerance as well as excellent tolerance to wear and drought. Sir Grange comes with a 10-year product warranty and is exclusive for members of Lawn Solutions Australia.

Australia’s long dry summers and droughts can be brutal on lawns —and even more so on your water use and bill. TifTuf Bermuda Grass was developed by the world’s leading turf scientist with this challenge in mind.

"The best drought tolerant grass we have ever seen in Australian Lawns."

Sir Walter DNA Certified was bred in Australia and is excellent in full shade or sun and in extreme heat, drought or frost. Minimum maintenance is required, including little mowing, fertilising and watering. Sir Walter DNA Certified comes with a 10-year product warranty. 

Nullarbor Couch is a nice dark green colour with a fine leaf. Displays good wear tolerance whilst being a low maintenance lawn. It requires minimal mowing and is drought tolerant.


How to measure your area

Rectangle area calculator

For a rectangle - multiply the length x width. 

Example: length 10m; width 23m
Answer: 10m x 23m = 230m²


Oval area calculator

For a oval - multiply the length x 0.80 then by width.
Example: length 26m; width 14m
Answer: 26m x 0.80 x 14m = 291.2m²


Circle area calculator

To calculate the turf required for a circle multiply diameter x 0.80 then by diameter again.
Example: diameter 14.5m
Answer: 14.5m x 0.80 = 11.6 11.6 x 14.5m = 168.2m²


Triangle area calculator

For a triangle multiply the length x width and divide by two.

Example: length 10m; width 23m

Answer: 10m x 23m = 230 ÷ 2 = 115m²

Complex shape area calculator

For a complex area first divide the total area into simple shapes and calculate these areas and add them together.

Example: Rectangle: length 10m; width 5m. Triangle base 5m; height 2m

Answer: 10m x 23m = 230m² PLUS 10m x 8m = 80 ÷ 2 = 40m² TOTAL: 437m²


How to prepare for your turf

1. Clear site of all weeds and existing lawn varieties

  • It is important no existing weeds or lawn is present, otherwise you risk it contaminating your new lawn.

  • Spray the area with Roundup (or equivalent) at least 2 weeks before you lay your turf.


2. Prepare soil

  • It is recommended to rotary hoe or dig the soil to a depth of 100mm, deeper if you can. This will allow a soft and accessible medium for the roots to establish.

  • Then level the area with a rake or shovel. 


3. Fertilise

  • Before laying your turf apply a starter fertiliser or a layer of chicken manure pellets. Give the soil a light water to provide a moist base for your turf.


4. Lay your turf

  • Finally – lay your new lawn, or talk to us about laying it for you. It is critical to get water on your lawn straight away, especially during the hot months.


How to care

for your turf

Your new lawn is cut and delivered within 12 hours and should be laid immediately.


Before laying:


  • Before laying your new lawn have your soil base level and about 2-2.5cm below any mow strip.

  • Fertilise the soil with fertiliser at the recommended rate.


Laying your turf:


  • Lay one strip around the perimeter first, then lay across the slope (if applicable) in a brickwork fashion, cutting where necessary with a sharp spade or shears.


After laying:


  • After laying your new lawn, it must be watered immediately and cannot be top dressed (especially in the hotter months).

  • Newly transplanted turf requires extra care (especially water) for the first few weeks.

  • Turf must be kept moist at all times until the roots have taken.

  • During daylight hours the leaf should not be allowed to dry out, pay special attention to edge areas near concrete or brick, these will suffer the most.

  • A soaker hose is the preferred method of watering as these keep the turf moist with the minimum amount of water and hence the least amount of flooding in the sub-soil area.

  • To test the soil moisture use a 100mm/4" probe, the ground should be moist to this level.

  • If the weather is hot/windy, up to 10 hours watering per day may be required. If turf appears to lose colour during the first month after laying, water has not been sufficient and should be immediately increased.


Once turf has taken root (7-10 days in summer, 10-14 days in winter), water can be increased to a level that will depend on the climatic conditions. As a guide, the lawn should receive 2-3 deep waterings in summer per week, or 1 per week in winter - until fully established (approx. 12months).


Once fully established, one deep watering per week is usually sufficient except in extreme conditions.

Lawn Fertilisers & Maintenance Products Available

  • Lawn Launcher 900g

  • Lawn Launcher 3kg

  • Lawn Fertiliser 10kg

  • Lawn Fertiliser 4kg

  • Dog Rocks

clarence valley turf, coffs coast turf, turf supplier, turf, grass supplies, turf maintenance, grafton turf supply, coffs harbour turf, grafton turf, clarence turf, turf supplies



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